Fifty shades of Grey!


My first art work on Canvas …. Wishing Priyanka Verma and  Vennkatraman Parameswaran, a very happy married life!




Ready to dive in your eyes and sail to the epitome of LOVE!

P.S: Thanks to Pankaj for believing in my work and getting me this real nice couple picture to be drawn.  Also special thanks to Swati and Poonam for reviewing the sketch at various stages and giving me corrective inputs.

Life veins

Life veins

Life veins

Blood drained through the coaption of life veins,
dripping through the splash of colors,
shot harder and wider right in the middle,
where black & white dots are integrant to it.

These are the life veins,
emerging back from the gray shades,
raising from the pool of blood,
carving it’s scabrous journey
to the height of sun,
to the depth of oscean.

These are the life veins,
trachles through the gobbet of flame, fame, destruction & joy.
Dives to the hadal of sorrow and pain,
emits emotions de profundis in vain.
These are the times it gasps longer and deeper again,
to rise to the dais of sky
to catch the glimpse of rainbow
to fly with the wings of clouds.

These are the life veins,
floundering for the oxygen,
porpoising through the flesh and bones
regulates the circadian rhythms of heart and mind,
coalesce and lilts the saccharine essence of life.

O butterfly


O butterfly, the colors from your effulgent wings
has brightened up my day!
I wonder if you have borrowed it from the rainbow or from the petals of nurturing flowers.

O butterfly, thank you for your munificent fluttering,
I already see the colors of your juju wings, scattered around me.


Clicked on Holi

Lady with Dreams & Desires


She opened her eyes to a world,
she was not a desirable dream to.
Grimaced by the inclement ones,
embraced by the loved ones.

She detests the gray world.
She loathes the world even more,
where they only talk of colors,
without shading any upon her.

She is the brave lady,
without any strength in her arms.
She sees beauty through her eyes,
without inclining to possess any in her skin.

She leans to that tenebrous valley,
they call a dearth of life;
fearless she stands,
beaming with incipient desire,
dreaming to plunge away from the exiguity imposed on her.

She is the lady with dreams and desire,
not meant to be worshipped in her roles,
not meant to base her life on sacrifices,
a gamut of ebullient multifarious virtuous chichi.

Clicked in Goa

Clicked in Goa @ Agunda Fort