Spread your wings and fly high


Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek

Poonam and me went to the awesome Dudhsagar Waterfall with a trekking group shikharvedh.It was a very well planned itinerary, covering not just Dudhsagar  waterfall but few other beautiful waterfalls located far away from each other and each one very distinct in its formation and feel; incorporating train journey, bus ride and walking along the railway track amid jungle.  Trek per se, this is the easiest one anyone can go for but yes it has different beauty altogether. I mean on which other trek, you get to walk along/on railway track which paves its way through a beautiful green jungle amid Sahyadri mountain ranges, letting you sweep through darkness of tunnels and bright glory of the nature in its most flourished form.

Poonam and me boarded the train on Friday night from Pune to find fellow trekkers travelling from Mumbai. We slept well through the night, until train journey came to a halt and we had to get down at Kolhapur; from where we boarded a bus which took us to various exotic locations showing many waterfalls like Amboli Waterfall, Nangartas Waterfall and few other on the way. DSC01694.JPGDSC01718





After full day fun fun, we were there at Belgaum station to board Goa Express at mid night to witness the glory of most awaited Dudhsagar Waterfall. We reached even before the break of dawn and had to wait for a while  before we started walking along the railway track to reach our destination. We could hear the roars of fall much before we could see it and we hopped along to see what sounded so ferocious and smelled so fresh. DSC01953.JPGIMG_0108DSC01967IMG_0112DSC01979.JPGDSC01990.JPGIMG_0136DSC02031IMG_0143.JPG

After have enough fun and snaps around this place, we had breakfast and started walking along the railway track, which is surrounded by lush greenery, colourful flies and freshness. Numerous tunnels that you get to walk through is another beautiful rare experience. Lot of pose and click moment along the way until we reach Kulem. DSC02133IMG_0196IMG_0199IMG_0203DSC02183DSC02185.JPG


From Kulem we board the train for Pune and thats the end of yet another wonderful refreshing trek.

CPU Utilization

For the same process, I noticed different values for CPU utilization in the output of ps and top. Trying to understand the reason, I found the following to answer my query:

  • ps defines pcpu (%cpu) as the CPU time used divided by the process run time and expressed as a percent, i.e. the cputime/realtime ratio.
  • Top defines %cpu as the share of elapsed CPU time expressed as a percentage.

You and me






Your life and my life can not assimilate together,
there is a gap of you and me.
Only we can unite,
but he is still a he,
and she is still a she.
One thinks I am not bad this way,
other thinks I am good this way.
He has his own needs,
she has her own desires.
One has lived in a colorful surrounding,
other has seen only black and whites standing on the gray lines.
One with the colors enjoys every color without sensing the peace of white or the filth of dark black.
one hailing from the gray area identifies both and wants to wander across the shades of colors holding the white in her heart and black tight under her fist.
There is no winner or looser,
its just about being yourself without loosing your faith.

Once again

Through the calculated cycle of day and night,
She stands like a spark in the glazing sunlight,
feeding upon all the coldness in the surrounding.
In the soothing moonlight, she twinkles like a star.
With the rise of the dawn,
coldness of yesterday condenses on her face, trickling through her eyes.
On a daily basis she awaits the sun, to rise high in the sky.
She wants to dazzle with the spark again.
She wants to twinkle with the serendipity again.
She is all set to condense once again.