Fifty shades of Grey!


My first art work on Canvas …. Wishing Priyanka Verma and  Vennkatraman Parameswaran, a very happy married life!



DSC02814.JPGWell its too late to write down this eventful journey as I was there for Sunburn 2014 with my wanderer friend of the year Poonam. Last trip of the year to Goa, trying to satiate the burning zeal to wander far and wide, experience the unknown/unseen world and get high with every beat of what surmounts Sunburn.


Image Courtesy Rajesh Bage

Well its all about as it reads on cards:dsc02765

So just let your hair down and be ready to have some crazy time with craziest friend of the lotdsc02782I won’t say too much here. But yes if you are a bon vivant and love music, go for it; must experience it once. Let the upbeats get you giddy.

Under the Cover

maxresdefaultI flourished under your cover like a turtle,
I remained tender & slender
and yet your shield gave me protection and courage
to lurch through the battle of life
and win the race even though better
counterparts competed around me.

I enjoyed all seasons of life under that cover,
unaware that blaze of summer was enough to burn me down,
chill of winter could crack my skin and shudder the core of me through flesh and bone,
pouring joy of autumn could transform into wailing sadness,
and spring would loose all its color someday.

Gravely unfortunate was the day
to find that cartilaginous shell shrinking.
With the shrinking heart I moved out of the shell
and tried to shield what covered me for so long.
I failed and failed miserably to be the shield;
to find my cover loose its voice
insinuating quietness of lifetime into its beloved pride.
I failed and failed miserably to be the cover;
to only watch and witness my cover shrink and nebulize into bundle of memories to cherish for my lifetime

Easter Celebration & puppy Love

We (Poonam and me) were at Veronika & Viju’s place for Easter celebration. We were done with the lunch when other group arrived with a sweet puppy which immediately become center of attraction for all and we had a great time with puppy love.


I love you baby … so much so that I wanna be one like you


Please leave me alone!


I am just not in mood today


Time to open it now


Ehhhh…… I am high now


Feels good


Time to stretch and forget it all

Ladies Madness after puppy love

Ladies Madness after puppy love

Courtesy Veronika, Vijay & Poonam for the gala time 🙂